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Saturday, September 19, 2009

To My Quiet Little Blog Reader

Well, come on in!
I've heard that you were coming again
And that you'd look through
All of my blogs.

I'll let you go alone.
Though it would be fun
To hide and watch you
Just a little while.

You see, my blogs contain
A wonderful secret
And you don't know it
Or you may not be here.

But, oh, I hope you find
And so receive it,
And you will leave a note
Of when and where.

So, many times you'll
Find a certain linkage
To Heaven and
Eternal things.

But, most of all,
The great thing is the
Common Denominator
That the blogs will bring.

It all depends on One,
So precious, tender;
So merciful, so patient,
And so kind.

If you're any kind of reader,
You'll soon find it.
And, may I welcome you
Back - anytime!


Gaia said...

hee hee ok I'm back! It's beautiful message. Cheerio.

Being Me said...

I like this poem. This brings to mine your 'The Pink Dress' post..there's a message somewhere . Well I'm not little but thank you for inviting me back. Hope you had a memorable birthday.
God Bless

ANULAL said...

nice poem. Keep this good work going.

Charmaine said...

Thanks Anulal :-)

Creative Liquid said...

I Love You SOOOOOOOO Much MORE!!!!

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