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Monday, September 14, 2009

Second Glance

When will people understand
the faces that they see
on every person they will meet
aren't always what they seem.
Too often people are misjudged
before they have a chance
to show that what's behind the face
deserves a second glance.
Perhaps if we just took the time
to look a little more
we may see that deep inside
and behind another door...
is a gentle heart just waiting
for us to look inside
and see the love that hides behind
the face that does well to hide.
So remember when you meet someone
to take that second glance.
Who knows what treasures you may find
when twice you look again.

(c) 2000 Charmaine Gladfelter 


Gaia said...

Hi Charmaine
I totally agree with this. Speaking from my own experience. I have an arrogant kind of look, you know the kind they think you are rich and will not want talk to people. Yes, when I was in high school, my school mates told me this. I look proud, but I am not!!!

Till they got to know me better they realised I was just as crazy as they were.

So please do give people like us a second chance. And now I had to wear glasses, I look like a teacher, the boring diciplinarian.
But I am not. sigh.

Forever misunderstood. LOL.


Charmaine said...

Hello Gaia! Thanks for the comment! I wrote that poem a few years ago based on my own experiences in life. Too many times people look at people and judge by face value instead of seeing the inner workings of people. There's where the true beauty lies in everyone! GBU!

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