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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Prayer For My Husband

On humble knees he prays for me
and thanks the Lord for everything.
Though he has seen love slip away
from those he loves, he still smiles today.
In silent moods, he cries the tears
for joy he's found throughout the years.

Though he has known a hellish life,
he whispers such love to me, his wife.
With prideful heart, he held the world
when he held the hands of his little boys & girl.
Though he has felt the loss of his dreams,
he still says they can do anything.

With sorrow close, he views the news
and wonders why so many lose.
Though he has lost through pain and death,
his heart still cares for all the rest.
Unloveable he's viewed himself;
his vanity stored on a shelf.
Though he's been taken advantage of,
his heart is unaltered by Greater love.

Dear God, in my humility,
please open his eyes so he can see,
that I'm in awe of what he's done
with a broken life, and what he's become.
For in his eyes, he's unworthy of
the blessings born of his woman's love.
Please lift him up, and let him know
he's the greatest man I have ever known.


Being Me said...

.... beautiful person.

Creative Liquid said...

Thank you my love!!

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